Vocabulary and Phrasal Verbs for Free-time Activities

Here are some phrases and phrasal verbs to describe free-time activities.

Free-time Vocabulary

play in a band: play a musical instrument (or sing) in a group with other people
"He plays in a heavy metal band."

play cards: play a card-game with other people (called "players")
"I like playing cards, but I can't play poker."

play chess: chess is a game with two players where you have to move your "pieces" (like the King, the Queen, the Knight, etc) around the board.

play pool / darts, etc: both pool and darts are games you can play in a pub. With pool you need to get the coloured balls into the holes on a table, while with darts, you throw the darts into a board on the wall
"You can play both pool and darts in that pub."

watch a film / movie / TV: remember, you watch something on a screen
"They like watching films at the weekend."

take part in (an activity): do an activity with other people
"Do you ever take part in sporting activities?"

do something for fun: do something just for pleasure
"They like going hill-walking for fun."

be keen on: enjoy doing something
"He's keen on playing tennis."

be a fan of: like doing something a lot
"She's a great fan of outdoors sports."

Phrasal Verbs

We use phrasal verbs a lot in spoken English. When you use them, you'll sound more natural.

Remember that the word order in phrasal verbs is important. For example, we can say set up a club, or set a club up. In the phrasal verbs below, the word order is shown for you.

hang out (with): spend time with someone
"At the weekend I like to hang out with my friends."

chill out: relax
"This weekend I'm just going to chill out."

get together: meet
"A group of us are going to get together for a couple of drinks."

come round: come to someone's house
"Why don't you come round later?"

get up to: do
"What did you get up to at the weekend?"

catch up with: get the latest news
"It was so nice to catch up with her."

kick (a football) around / kick around a football: play an informal game of football
"The kids often go to the park to kick a football around."

take in a play / exhibition: go to a play or exhibition
"When they go to London they often take in a couple of plays."

set up a club / set a club up: start a club
"My friends want to set up a book club."

be into: be interested in something (inseparable phrasal verb)
"She's really into stamp-collecting."

take up a hobby / take a hobby up: start a new hobby
"He's only recently taken up gardening."

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