Vocabulary For Catching Up With Friends

Here are some key words and phrases for when you catch up with friends.

Meeting people

it's been a long time since / it's been ages since: when you haven't seen someone for a long time
"It's been ages since I last saw you!"
"It's been a long time since we last saw each other!"

Note: "ages" = a long time

be in touch with someone = have contact with someone
"Are you still in touch with James?"

be out of touch with someone / situation = no longer have contact with someone / a situation
"I'm out of touch with my old school friends."

lose touch with someone = when you stop having contact with someone
"We lost touch ages ago!"

stay in touch / keep in touch = when you continue having contact with someone
"Have you stayed in touch with your school friends!"

Note: We often say "Stay in touch" or "Keep in touch" when we say goodbye to someone, to mean that we want to continue our relationship / friendship.

bump into = meet by chance (phrasal verb)
"Guess who I bumped into yesterday!"

Talking about what's happening

What have you been up to lately / recently? = What have you been doing recently?
"How lovely to see you! What have you been up to recently?"

(every) once in a while = sometimes / occasionally
"I see him once in a while."

in the meantime = what's happening while you expect something else to happen
"I want to apply to university next year. In the meantime I'm going to study hard."

for the time being = for now (a temporary, limited time)
"He's working in a bar for the time being, but he wants to get a better-paid job."

in the next few weeks / months = when something will happen in a few weeks / months
"We're a bit busy because we're going to move house in the next few weeks."

to have time for = to have time to do something
"I don't have any time at the moment for sport - I'm so busy with my studies."

have a good memory = be able to remember things / people
"Oh, you have a good memory! Yes, the last time I saw you, I..."

Leaving people

look forward to = be happy that something will happen in the future
"So we'll have coffee next Friday morning then?"
"Yes, I look forward to it!"

Note: with "look forward to" or "I'm looking forward to" you need either a noun ("it" / "the party", etc) or an "ing" form ("seeing you there", "meeting you later", etc):
"I look forward to it."
"I'm looking forward to her party."
"She's looking forward to going on holiday."

let me know how it goes = tell me what happens
"I've got an interview next week."
"Well, let me know how it goes!"

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