Here are all the new fluency phrases in Module 1. I'll show you how you can use the fluency phrases to make your own sentences!


be in touch with someone

be out of touch with someone / situation

lose touch with someone

stay in touch / keep in touch

to have time for

have a good memory

play in a band

play cards

play chess

play pool / darts, etc

watch a film / movie / TV

take part in (an activity)

do something for fun

be keen on

be a fan of

Phrasal Verbs

bump into

look forward to

hang out (with)

chill out

get together

come round

get up to

catch up with

kick (a football) around / kick around a football

take in a play / exhibition

set up a club / set a club up

be into: be interested in something

take up a hobby / take a hobby up

Fluency Phrases

it's been a long time since / it's been ages since:

when you haven't seen someone for a long time

be up to (lately / recently)

"How lovely to see you! What have you been up to recently?"

(every) once in a while = sometimes / occasionally

in the meantime = what's happening while you expect something else to happen

for the time being = for now (a temporary, limited time)

in the next few weeks / months = when something will happen in a few weeks / months

let me know how it goes = tell me what happens

Same here = it's the same for me

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