Everyday Phrases

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Quiz Explanations And Notes

Need more help? Here's when we use these phrases.

Really? = when you show interest or surprise in what the other person is saying. You want the other person to continue speaking.

What's it like? = when you want a description from the other person. (Also "What's he like?", "What are they like?", etc - when you ask for a description of another person.)

I like it = when you say that you like something. Remember: the verb "like" can be used to talk about your preferences - or to give a description, as above.

on holiday = when you relax! Remember: we say "on holiday" and not "in holiday".

just = only (I'm just here for a week = I'm only here for a week)

a couple of = two

That sounds (+ adjective) = when you give your opinion. For example, "that sounds great", "that sounds terrible", "that sounds easy", etc.

That's nice = a useful expression when you want to show a positive feeling but you don't have anything else to say. For example: "I'm going on holiday next week." "Ah, that's nice."

I hope so = when you reply to a question about the future and say you want something to happen. For example, "Are you going on holiday this summer?" "I hope so."

I hope not = when you reply to a question about the future and say you don't want something to happen. For example, "Have we got a meeting this afternoon?" "I hope not - I've got too much work to do!"

That isn't long = when you say that a period of time is short

That sounds a long time = when you think that a period of time is long

There isn't time = when you don't have time to do something. For example, "There isn't time to visit both museums this afternoon. You'll have to choose one."

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