Here are all the new fluency phrases in Module 1. I'll show you how you can use the fluency phrases to make your own sentences!


a big family

a small family

a close family

a young family

an only child

a family member / member of the family

a twin brother / twin sister

a pet dog / pet cat 

immediate family

a distant relative

a family holiday 

the royal family

family history 

have a family

be like 

look like 

get married", "get divorced" 

live with someone

on holiday

Phrasal Verbs

take after

Fluency Phrases

What's it like? / What's he like? / What's the weather like?

Say this to ask for a description of a person, place, situation, etc. Remember "What's / What are + subject + like?"

a couple of ... (things / boys / hours, etc)

Say this to mean "two" or "three".

That sounds ... (great / nice / wonderful / terrible, etc) Remember "That's + adjective"

That's nice

Say this as a reply when you can't think of anything else!

"I'm buying a new house." - "That's nice!"

I hope so

Say this when someone asks you about something you want to happen.

"Is this the right train for Bedford?" - "I hope so!"

I hope not

Say this as the opposite to "I hope so".

"Is it going to rain this weekend?" - "I hope not!"

That isn't long

Say this to mean that a time period is short.

"I'm here for a couple of days." - "That isn't long."

(The opposite is "That's a long time!"

There isn't time

Say this when you don't have much time.

"We can't go into that shop. There isn't time."