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Phrasal verbs make you sound more natural in English!

You find phrasal verbs in conversation and informal writing all the time. You need to understand them to read newspaper headings and news stories - and dialogues in films and TV.

But it's even better to use them! When you include them in conversations, you'll sound more natural and advanced.

Why is this?

A common mistake is to use formal English in conversations. Here's an example:

"He established a company last year." (Too formal for a conversation).

Instead, say:

"He set up a company last year." (Natural, phrasal verb)

Using phrasal verbs can make you sound more like a native English speaker.

So, what's the problem?

There are lots of phrasal verbs and it can feel as if you'll never remember them all.

BUT, there is a simple formula to help you understand thousands of phrasal verbs easily - even if you don't have any time to study English.

It's called The 'PVC' Formula!


How the PVC Formula helps YOU

The PVC Formula combines three elements for understanding phrasal verbs:

1. Particle

This is the second half of the phrasal verb and it's a word like "on", "off", "up" or "down". When you know the meaning of the particle, you can apply it to lots of other phrasal verbs as well.

2. Verb

Often the verb helps you to understand the phrasal verb - especially when it's a less common verb.

3. Context

When a phrasal verb has more than one meaning, the context can help you understand it better.

But the best part of the formula ...

To help you understand phrasal verbs quickly and easily (without using a dictionary), I've developed the world's first 'Particle Guide"!


Understand 1000s of phrasal verbs!

The Particle Guide is the world's FIRST spreadsheet of phrasal verb meanings. Discover 30 particles and the 140 meanings to quickly identify and understand the phrasal verbs you read or hear!

How it works

Scroll down to find the particle on the left, then check the different meanings. The drop-down menu gives you examples.

Check it out - play the video below!


'The Phrasal Verbs Masterclass + PVC Formula' - Use and Understand Thousands of Phrasal Verbs!

The Phrasal Verbs Masterclass + PVC Formula helps you master 1000 common phrasal verbs - and understand thousands more!

Here's what you get in this complete training course!

- immediate access to the Particle Guide to help you understand thousands of phrasal verbs (worth $99)

- 1000 context-based business + everyday phrasal verbs with definitions, examples + quizzes (worth $69)

- 6 monthly updates of phrasal verbs in the news for you to copy and reuse
(worth $59)

- optional extra practice activities to help you use business phrasal verbs in your own situations. Use them in example sentences, conversations, presentations - and get detailed, personal feedback! (Worth $99 on the VIP Option)

Great Value!
The total value of the Phrasal Verbs Masterclass + PVC Formula is $227 (or $326 with the VIP Option). But you can get it for much less!

Get the Phrasal Verbs Masterclass + PVC Formula for just $59!

(That's less than the price of a coffee every day!)

Just think: If you start NOW, you will know hundreds of phrasal verbs in the next few months! (In just a few minutes every day.)

Flexible, extensive training when YOU want it!

The Phrasal Verbs Masterclass allows you to work at your own speed. Here are three ways you can start using it immediately:

1. Need to understand a phrasal verb quickly?
Just check the Particle Guide to discover the meaning of your phrasal verb.

2. Want to spend 5 minutes a day learning new phrasal verbs?
Go to any one of the lectures and start reading! The quizzes help you remember better.

3. Want to have some fun with phrasal verbs?
Take a look at the phrasal verbs in the news to discover how people really use them! You can copy these and use them in your own sentences.

Join the Phrasal Verbs Masterclass and you

- can quickly understand phrasal verbs in newspapers and on TV without needing a dictionary

- can start using them naturally in your own conversations to sound more advanced

- can sound more like a native English speaker!

>> It's all possible with the Phrasal Verbs Masterclass + PVC formula!

Get started now!

Your Instructor

Clare Whitmell
Clare Whitmell

As we say in English, you're in safe hands with me!

I help over 500,000 people learn English with me every month on my website - and I can help YOU!

I've taught English for more than 20 years, to people from all over the world.

I'm the author of several books, including '505 Business English Idioms & Phrasal Verbs' and 'Business English Writing Essentials'.

English is my native language, and I also speak French and Italian fluently.

My passion is for helping people become fluent speakers of English - quickly and easily.

I've lived in Italy, France, the Netherlands and Hong Kong, but now I'm back in England - my home country. I live by the sea and I enjoy books, films, and spending time with my rescue cat.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get personal feedback?
Get the VIP option to practise new phrasal verbs. I'll send you a bundle of specially prepared exercises to help you use phrasal verbs in your own sentences or in a longer piece of English (such as a telephone conversation, reply to a customer, etc). Then either use your phone to record this and share it with me, or put it in an email to me. When I receive your recording or email, I'll send you back personalised feedback. I'll send you an audio file if you've sent me a voice recording, or written feedback if you've sent me an email.
Are refunds available if I'm unhappy with the course?
Yes. Contact me within 14 days, and I'll issue a refund - no questions.
Are there any lessons with this course?
No - you can study when you want. But if you'd like personal feedback, I suggest you join the VIP Option. This is where I send you help on the optional extra exercises.
When does the training start and finish?
You can start now and you will have lifetime access. You'll also get any updates to this course for free.

My TWO guarantees to you!


I want you to be happy. If you decide that this training isn't for you, contact me within 14 days for a full refund.


Use the Particle Guide with the PVC formula, and you WILL be able to understand and use phrasal verbs - without using a dictionary!

Get started now!