Get fluent and confident in English!

Speak English more easily!

You know that speaking English is important. For your job, for travel and for your personal enjoyment.

But speaking English fluently is hard.

It's difficult to reply to people (or understand them) when they have different accents or they speak fast.

Also, it can be difficult to find people to speak English with, especially when you're busy.

This is why I created the English Fluency Club. It's a place for people to speak English regularly in small groups.

The English Fluency Club is for you if:

>> You feel hesitant and even a little scared when you speak English

>> You're worried about making mistakes, or that other people won't understand you

>> You forget the words when you speak

It has a unique, flexible format so you can become fluent in your own time!


The English Fluency Club - Your 3-Step Plan For Fluency

Many people study for years, but still aren't fluent. This is often because traditional English courses focus on grammar rules.

But when you join the English Fluency Club, we focus on increasing your speaking confidence. How?

Here are the three ESSENTIAL things that will get YOU fluent in English!

Your Three Steps For English Fluency

1. The Fast Phrase Finder

The world's first spreadsheet of fluency phrases!

This tool helps you make thousands of sentences without needing to think. It gives you more time when you speak, because you can use an automatic fluency phrase to start your sentence.

A few examples from the Fast Phrase Finder:

How it works

Choose the situation (eg. giving your opinion), then a fluency phrase from the next column, and the drop down menu (in the 'details' column) shows you how to extend the phrase!

The result for you:

Less hesitating when you speak, and more natural conversations.

More than 250 everyday phrases for easy conversations, including conversation starters and automatic replies.

The Fast Phrase Finder is exclusive to members of the English Fluency Club!

2. Two Complete Fluency Programs

In the self-study programs "Speak Real English" and "Real English Conversations" you get

650+ fluency phrases (essential English phrases for easy conversations)

Video, audio, PDF and quizzes - see the phrases in context & get the right pronunciation

Guided conversation practice - take part in simulated conversations to speak faster

Study guides - get a clear "roadmap" to follow for English fluency

>>> A focus on everyday English topics (health, shopping, socialising, etc) so you can speak naturally & easily with the right vocabulary & phrases.

3. Live Lessons in small groups

Live lessons, THREE times a month to practise your speaking.

Two of these lessons are with me, your teacher. Together we focus on accuracy, pronunciation and speaking / vocabulary to help you improve rapidly.

One of these lessons is with a group of other students. Why? Because you get a chance to hear other accents so you can understand people from around the world. You also get a chance to speak more in a small group.

Individual Feedback Session

Once a month you get my individual help with your speaking. You record yourself speaking (I tell you the topic), and then I give you my feedback and some tips!

This is one of the BEST ways to make quick progress. I'll tell you exactly what you need to do to improve your English.

>>> Regular speaking is the BEST way to get confident & fluent.

A typical month in the English Fluency Club.

Don't forget: You can study the two fluency programs and use the Fast Phrase Finder all the time during the month!

But that's not all!


Get these extra bonuses!

My aim is to help you get fluent in English. So you also get...

Bonus 1

Exclusive Tutorials & Videos

A set of 6 exclusive videos trains you in prepositions, tenses, modals, pronunciation and mindset for better English. Grammar and pronunciation tutorials help you to reduce mistakes and improve your pronunciation so that you speak more clearly.

>>> A library of extra resources integrated with the Fluency Programs to give you extra confidence with grammar & pronunciation.

Bonus 2

Exclusive Invitations To Intensive Courses In England

When you join the English Fluency Club, you'll also get the chance to come to England for a short, intensive English course. It's a fantastic opportunity to speak in English and to get my full support.

>>> Only members of the English Fluency Club get these invitations to study with me in the UK!

Bonus 3

Two personal lessons with me on Zoom

Book a lesson with me and get individual, personal help with your English. You can get these lessons at any time during your membership.

>>> Private coaching with an experienced, native-speaking teacher means you get precious help, suggestions & encouragement.

Get all of this for only
$27 a month

Get started now!

Why I think you'll love the English Fluency Club.

If you find speaking in English stressful, the English Fluency Club will help you.

>>> It's an international group of friendly, supportive people

You can listen to a variety of accents - really useful in today’s world when most of the time you’ll speak English with non-native speakers.

>>> It has a flexible format

You can study the 2 fluency programs at times which are good for you.
If you miss a group lesson, you can watch the recording.
And when we do the individual feedback session, you can record your speaking in your own time, and send it to me when you’re ready.

>>> You get amazing tools to help you become more fluent

I believe in SMART ways to save you time. So that's why you get:
- the 'Fast Phrase Finder' which helps you build thousands of sentences without needing to think! And
- the fluency programs where you can take part in simulated conversations.
These are just two ways to improve quickly, without studying for hours!

>>> You get speaking practice from many people

A great way to get fluent quickly is to speak with as many people as possible - not just me! This is why you also have a group lesson with other students. You speak and listen to people from many different countries!


Is it right for me?

In the English Fluency Club, you CAN and WILL get results. The English Fluency Club helps you in these ways:

- more confidence
Regular speaking shows you that you CAN have a conversation where people understand you. This makes you want to speak even more!

- more chances to understand people
Yes, it can be difficult to understand people from different countries, but in the lessons you speak to people from all over the world.

- more feedback
I'll tell you exactly what to work on in our individual feedback sessions. This will help you in your fluency, accuracy, vocabulary AND pronunciation.

- more enjoyment of English
When you speak with other people and exchange opinions, it feels good! When you enjoy English, you'll always feel motivated.


What my students say about the English Fluency Club

My students LOVE the English Fluency Club! Here's what they said...

"I used to feel hesitant and scared to speak in English. When someone spoke English to me my confidence level decreased. In interviews, if the interviewer asked me questions in English I would forget easy answers. For that reason I didn't present my best to the interviewer. Also my pronunciation was not good.

After being a member of 'English Fluency Club' I feel that my English is improving, my confidence level has increased and I have overcome the fear of speaking in English. Now, I can understand other people's English better than before. and I feel my English fluency and pronunciation both are now better than before. I enjoy my class very much.

I think the best thing about the English Fluency Club is that I can speak here with different people of different languages and they are very friendly."

- Suraiya, Student from Bangladesh

"I am not terrified any more when I am asked to say something. I am much more confident. I don't mind when I don't know how to say something - I put it in another way.

In the English Fluency club, the English fluency programs are very useful for me. And of course, the online live lesson every week where I speak with non-native English speakers - like I mostly need to speak to in my life.

- Paul, Student from Slovakia

"Until I became a member of the English club, I spoke English without confidence because I was always afraid of making mistakes, being misunderstood and not being understood by others. During the English Fluency club, we talk to people from different countries who speak with completely different accents. So we learn to listen and understand each other and try to speak as clearly as possible. Moreover, Clare is an amazing teacher and she is always there to help us and encourage us to be more confident.

The best thing about the English Fluency Club is that we have the opportunity to talk to and learn from a real British teacher and coach. Clare is amazing and teaches us using English phrases that help us say what we want to say faster and say it in a British way."

- Ramune, Student from Lithuania

"A few months ago, when I arrived in the Bahamas, I realized that my English was not good enough. I couldn't speak fluently without hesitating; I couldn't stop thinking in Spanish and sometimes even the natives didn't understand me.

Since I have been a member of this club I have learned not to think of words when it is better to think and use phrases, my pronunciation improved, and I began to feel more confident. Now people around me say how much my language skills have improved.

So, I don't know how long it will take me to reach a high level of speaking, but I know it will be shorter with the English Fluency Club"

- Lester, Student from Cuba, living in the Bahamas

"After being a member of the English Fluency club since the beginning, I am convinced that I have become much more fluent, which wasn’t the case before.
Interacting with other people several times a month is no longer such a big challenge but more like a pleasant, enriching experience shared with friends."

- Fabienne, Student from France

How I can help you

Hi! I'm Clare and I'm an English teacher and coach.

I have 20+ years'
experience of teaching people from all over the world, so I understand your problems with speaking, grammar or pronunciation.

I also run the www.english-at-home.com website. More than 500,000 people visit my site every month to learn English with me.

I believe that with the right method and practice, anyone can speak English fluently. I'll show you how you can be confident and fluent in as little as 10 weeks.

My experiences of studying and speaking French and Italian showed me that there are easy ways (and difficult ways) to learn a language. I'll show you the easy ways to speak English!

What happens in the lessons?

You have TWO lessons with me every month, in the first and last week of the month. (You also have one student speaking lesson every month, and one individual feedback session every month.)

During your lessons with me, we focus on speaking, pronunciation, vocabulary and a little grammar! I send the lesson plan a few days before the lesson so that you can prepare. (No tricks or surprises!)

This is the grammar and vocabulary schedule for the lessons from June 2023 to May 2024.

This is what you get when you join the English Fluency Club NOW...

... in the next 60 seconds you'll get the Fast Phrase Finder, my two fluency programs: "Speak Real English" and "Real English Conversations." Video, audio, text, PDF, quizzes AND 650+ fluency phrases to help you start speaking fluently NOW!

... in the next 24 hours you can start your FIRST fluency challenge! Every challenge helps you use a fluency phrase to build an infinite number of sentences in English.

... in the next 7 days, you'll get an invitation to your first lesson

... in the next month you can schedule your first PRIVATE lesson with me.


A few more student stories!

"You helped me to break through my speaking barrier."

- Magda, Poland

"The Fast Phrase Finder is very useful to give quick reply in the conversation. The best thing is to being with the group and lessons. So, I can interact with people.

- Mustafa, Student from Turkey

"It's helped me hold a conversation, add information and express my ideas much more confidently than before!"

- Hortense, Democratic Republic of Congo

"Live classes are great! It is wonderful to have such an opportunity to speak with people from different countries!"

- Victor, Russia

"Clare, it's so good to have a teacher who can correct me. Thank you very much!"

- Aliona, Lithuania

"I love someone writing a comment on my post :D. That makes me keep on studying hard and I feel more familiar with this community. Thank you for all of you guys!"

- Jin, Korea

"Thank you Clare. Your feedback is always well motivated and clear. Keep encouraging us as our community is improving at English, but also getting closer with time and practice, even though we live so far from one another."

- Monica, Italy

"Thank you for setting up challenges, they are brilliant."

- Thanh, Vietnam


How long will it take to get fluent?

Experts say it takes around 120 hours of study to go up a level in English. (So to go from B1 to B2, or B2 to C1, for example.) These are the results you can expect when you join the English Fluency Club:

Case Study 1

Study 20 minutes a day for 90 days (use the Complete Fluency Programs / exclusive tutorials)

= 1800 minutes or 30 hours

+ 12 hours (3 group lessons every month + 3 personal feedback sessions)

Total = 42 hours (just over 1/3 of the time you need to go up a level)

In this time, expect to become more confident about your speaking. You'll also understand people better. You'll be able to:

- follow a conversation more or less easily
- give your opinion
- know which words to use in conversations

Case Study 2

Study 30 minutes a day for 90 days (Use the Complete Fluency Programs / exclusive tutorials)

= 2700 minutes or 45 hours

+ 12 hours (3 group lessons every month + 3 personal feedback sessions)

Total = 57 hours (about 1/2 of the time you need to go up a level)

In this time, expect to be more fluent when you speak. Conversations are also more enjoyable and fun for you! You'll be able to

- speak more naturally, using fluency phrases
- ask questions and manage the conversation (not just reply to people)
- feel more secure about your grammar and pronunciation as well

Join the English Fluency Club now and in three months you'll make a HUGE difference!


Fantastic Value!

Get the most value - for the lowest possible price. Value per month is $94, but you pay just $27 a month to get

exclusive access to 'The Fast Phrase Finder'

two complete fluency programs + study guides

3 group live lessons, 1 personal feedback session - and

exclusive tutorials & video training

Don't forget your special bonuses:

two private lessons with me (take these any time during your membership)

Easy cancellation and a 30-day refund guarantee.

The English Fluency Club is a monthly program, but you can cancel any time. If you decide in the first 30 days that it isn't for you, just let me know and I'll give you a refund.

My "Impossible To Fail" promise to you:

If you can already speak ONE language fluently (your own) and if you have 10 minutes a day, you CAN speak English fluently. The English Fluency Club helps you get fluent in English, even if you've already studied for years!

Get started now!

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the English Fluency Club start?
Now! Get immediate access to the Fast Phrase Finder, fluency programs and exclusive training when you join. Join now to start your path to English fluency!
How long do I have access?
For as long as you are a member! Every month you get three group live lessons (for conversation and pronunciation practice) and one individual feedback session. You also have access to the Complete Fluency Programs, Fast Phrase Finder and exclusive tutorials. During your entire membership, you can also organise TWO private lessons with me.
What if I am unhappy?
I want you to be happy! But if you aren't, you can cancel your membership at any time. Also, during your first month you can get a full refund - just contact me and I'll return your money immediately.
What level of English do I need to have?
You should have at least a basic to intermediate level of English. If you can read this, you have the right level of English! My job is to help you succeed, so you can email me at any time if you have questions.
How much time do I need to get fluent?
The English Fluency Club is designed for you even if you don't have much time. The fluency programs and exclusive tutorials are self-study. You can use the Fast Phrase Finder any time you want; and the group live lessons are recorded so you can watch later. I recommend that you study for at least ten minutes every day to give you consistent practice. Even 10 minutes a day is enough to make a good study habit and it will have a big impact on your fluency.
When are the group lessons?
We have the group lessons at the weekend. There are three lessons every month, and they are all "live". I also record them and send you the link after, so you can watch them again. There are two lessons where I help you with all areas of English, and there's one 'student speaking lesson' where you talk with other members of the club. (I give you ideas to talk about and then give you feedback.) I send you the lesson material BEFORE the lesson so that you can prepare. The lessons are optional, but I strongly recommend that you attend them so that you get fluent quicker. You also have one individual feedback session every month. I ask you to talk about something and to send me your recording. Then I send you my feedback.

Courses Included with Purchase

How To Speak Real English
Speak English Naturally & Fluently - The Easy Way
Clare Whitmell
Real English Conversations
Take Your English Speaking From Intermediate To Advanced Level
Clare Whitmell
Prepositions For Fluency
Get the preposition phrases that make you more fluent in English
Clare Whitmell
Contractions For Pronunciation
Be more fluent in English by using contractions
Clare Whitmell
3 Tense Errors To Avoid
Correct tenses help your English fluency
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Small Talk For Conversations (Part 1)
How to talk about the weather and your health
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The Life-Changing Magic Of Modals
How modal verbs help you sound more natural
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Mindset And Mistakes
How to make mistakes work for you
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Original Price: $221

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Before you go ....

When you decide you want to get fluent in English, you have lots of choices.

* Pay for personal lessons. (Effective, but expensive)

* Join a traditional English course. (Large groups, quite expensive)

* 'Do-it-yourself' - watch YouTube videos, etc. (Free, but not organised, and takes a long time)

Or, you can choose The English Fluency Club - an organised program, led by a qualified, experienced teacher, where you get a clear path to fluency, personal feedback, and small group conversations. It works even if you don't have much time.