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It's time to invest in your English - for a better career.

For a better job, you need to be fluent in English, and NOW is the best time.

Is this you?

* You've already studied grammar, but speaking English can be difficult.

* You'd like regular opportunities to speak and to get feedback.

* You'd like to be confident with your vocabulary.

* You'd like answers to your English questions.

* You'd like to make international friends.

If you answered "yes", check out the English Fluency Club!


4 Ways To Become Fluent In English

Speaking in another language is hard.

You're worried about making mistakes
You're worried that people will judge you.
You don't feel confident.

But in the English Fluency Club you get four ways to increase your confidence, minimise mistakes and get regular speaking practice, so you become fluent quicker.

1. Two Complete Fluency Programs (Value $39 + $99 = $138)

In the self-study programs "Speak Real English" and "Real English Conversations" you get

650+ fluency phrases (essential English phrases for conversations)

Video, audio, PDF and quizzes - all downloadable

Guided conversation practice - take part in a practice conversation

2. Extra Training Videos (Value 6 x $20 = $120)

Get the secrets for small talk, pronunciation, prepositions, and more.

3. Live Group Lessons (Value 24 x $15 = $360)

Twice-monthly, exclusive group lessons where you can ask me anything - AND practise your speaking with discussion questions.

Pronunciation tips and conversation "drills" with feedback help you to improve rapidly!

4. Weekly Challenges with Video Feedback (Value 52 x $10 = $520)

Use a fluency phrase in our private Facebook group, and get my video feedback.

Your TWO special bonuses when you join today...

Two personal lessons with me on Skype (Value 2 x $25 = $50)

Book a lesson with me and get individual, personal help with your English. You can get these lessons at any time during your membership.

My personal help on your first speaking lesson (Value 1 x $15 = $15)

Try the first lesson, send it to me, and I'll send you a personal video!

Get started now!

How I can help you

Hi! I'm Clare and I'm an English teacher and coach.

I have 20+ years'
experience of teaching people from all over the world, so I understand your problems with speaking, grammar or pronunciation.

I believe that with the right method and practice, anyone can speak English fluently. I'll show you how you can be confident and fluent in as little as 10 weeks.

My experiences of studying and speaking French and Italian showed me that there are easy ways (and difficult ways) to learn a language. I'll show you the easy ways to speak English!


Is it right for me?

Get fluent - FAST

With me, you CAN and WILL get results. You get lessons, trainings, and direct access to me and a fabulous community of people. We will help you every step of the way!

Want to know more? Here are things that my students have said:

"Clare, thank you for the special mention, I have a pleasure! :) And yes, I should be more careful with pronunciation of some words.. It is so good to have a teacher who can correct me. Thank you very much!"

- Aliona, Lithuania

"Right, I love someone writing a comment on my post or video, too :D. That makes me keep on studying hard and I feel more familiar with this community. Thank you for all of you guys!"

- Jin, Korea

"Thank you Clare. Your feedback is always well motivated and clear. Keep encouraging us as our community is improving at English, but also getting closer with time and practice, even though we live so far from one another."

- Monica, Italy

"Thank you for setting up challenges, they are brilliant."

- Thanh, Vietnam

This is what you get when you join the English Fluency Club NOW...

... in the 60 seconds you'll get my two fluency programs: "Speak Real English" and "Real English Conversations." Video, audio, text, PDF, quizzes AND 650+ fluency phrases to help you start speaking fluently NOW!

... in the next 24 hours you can join our private Facebook group - and get your FIRST weekly challenge! Every challenge helps you use a fluency phrase to build an infinite number of sentences in English.

... in the next 14 days, you'll get an invitation to your first group lesson

... in the next month you can schedule your first PRIVATE lesson with me on Skype.


Fantastic Value!

Get the most value - for the lowest possible price. Pay just $15 a month to get

two complete fluency programs

exclusive video training

group live lessons

weekly challenges with video feedback - and

two private lessons with me.

Easy cancellation and a 30-day refund guarantee.

Get started now!

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the English Fluency Club start?
Now! Get immediate access to the fluency programs and exclusive training when you join.
How long do I have access?
For as long as you are a member! Every month you get two group live lessons (for conversation and pronunciation practice) and weekly challenges. During your entire membership, you can also organise TWO private lessons with me.
What if I am unhappy?
I want you to be so happy that you'll always stay with me! But if you aren't, you can cancel at any time.
What level of English do I need to have?
Any level! When you join, I'll give you some suggestions to get the most from your membership depending on your level. My job is to help you succeed, so you can email me at any time if you have questions.

Start Speaking English Immediately

Your first easy lesson when you join: Introduce yourself!

Get an immediate speaking result when you join

I know it's hard to start speaking. That's why the first suggested lesson gives you an immediate result.

Go to "The First Lesson" and click the green "start" button. (Choose your level: Pre-Intermediate to Intermediate or Intermediate to Advanced level.) I'll show you how to make an easy, quick introduction. Send me your introduction, and I'll reply to you!

Feel confident when you speak English

Get a quick, easy "result"

Go on with the fluency programs to keep building your confidence


Make International Friends - Is Your Flag Here?

Join people from around the world!


Courses Included with Purchase

How To Speak Real English
Speak English Naturally & Fluently - The Easy Way
Clare Whitmell
Real English Conversations
Take Your English Speaking From Intermediate To Advanced Level
Clare Whitmell
Prepositions For Fluency
Get the preposition phrases that make you more fluent in English
Clare Whitmell
Contractions For Pronunciation
Be more fluent in English by using contractions
Clare Whitmell
3 Tense Errors To Avoid
Correct tenses help your English fluency
Clare Whitmell
Small Talk For Conversations (Part 1)
How to talk about the weather and your health
Clare Whitmell
The Life-Changing Magic Of Modals
How modal verbs help you sound more natural
Clare Whitmell
Mindset And Mistakes
How to make mistakes work for you
Clare Whitmell

Original Price: $138

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