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a cinema / theatre / opera-goer = someone who goes to the cinema / theatre / opera

"Theatre-goers will be familiar with his work, as he's appeared in many plays."

box office = place where you buy tickets for arts and entertainment events

"Box office sales for his new film have broken all records."

fiction = books which have invented stories, such as mysteries, thrillers, romance novels, etc

"Her bookcase is full of fiction - she reads a lot of romance."

non-fiction = books which are factual, such as memoirs, biographies, autobiographies, etc

"His book on nature is one of the most popular non-fiction work this year."

character = a person in a book or film

"He plays the main character in the film."

an adaptation = when a film is made from a book

"The adaptation of her ghost story was a huge success."

a remake = when a film is made again

"She's starring in a remake of a classic Hitchcock film."

a recording studio = where you can make music records

"The band have gone back into the recording studio to make a new album."

a stand-up (comedian) = someone who "stands up" in front of a live audience to make them laugh

"Every night, five stand-up comedians perform in the comedy club."

a soloist = a musician who plays / sings on their own ("solo") in parts of the music

"He's well-known as a trumpet soloist."

a TV appearance = when you're on television

"Her first TV appearance was at age five in a commercial."



play music / an instrument

play live (in front of an audience)

play a role = act a role


classical music = music such as symphonies, concertos, opera, etc

read music = when you understand the written music notes


high culture = theatre, opera, etc

popular culture = TV, films, etc


on (the movie) set = where a film is shot

"There were a lot of rumours about disagreements on set."

on (the) stage = at the theatre

"She first started acting on the stage."

on tour = when a band plays live in different places

"The Rolling Stones are on tour again!"

Other collocations

a plot twist = where there's a surprise in the story so that it all changes

to top the chart = to get to the top of the music charts

steal the scene = to act better than anyone else in the film scene

prime-time (chat show, etc) = a time when more people are watching

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